2016 BMW 340i Review: New BMW 3 series First Drive

First record and review of the 2016 BMW 340i. Overall, the 340i is fast, fun and handles fantastically. The key metric is fun, like 0-60 times.

When you think of great driving roads, countries such as Italy, Switzerland and Romania come to mind in general. Stelvio Pass Italy and the passage of Romania Transfagarasan are probably the two best driving roads in the world. However, Mexico, a country not known for its quality of road, might just have a better and it is the road we have just tested the new 2016 BMW 340i on. And it was incredible.

2016 BMW 340i Review

BMW has stolen all the way to Chihuahua, Mexico (not like the dog) to test the new 340i and X1 (which is another article). When we learned that we were in Mexico, we were a bit perplexed, because it is not the most pilot countries in the world. Then, once we landed, we had to take a bus five hours through the desert to reach our steeds waiting. Certainly, when we arrived, we were skeptical of the BMW promise of great driving roads. Boy was we wrong.

After seeing the way that we would be driving on, we were chomping at the bit to get our paws on the wheel of a 340i. After jumping in 2016 BMW 340i xDrive Melbourne Red, with a manual six-speed M Sport Package and Package handling track (which adds M adjustable suspension, M Brakes, variable direction, impressive 19-inch black wheels and some interior pieces charge. I knew I was in a helluva ride.

The interior is almost identical to that of the pre-LCI 335i, but with some subtle changes. Overall, this is still and exceptional interior.


Clutch down, thumb on the start button, hear the new 3.0-liter TwinPower six-cylinder rumble to life. This engine sounds better than the outgoing N55. It boils and roars like BMW inline-six of the former. Insert the shifter into first, drop the handbrake, feed in some gas and we went down the winding road, more scenic than I’ve ever seen in my life.

2016 BMW 340i takes high 2,000 rpm and rewards revving all the way to redline with an exhaust note that makes him jealous M3. This could be the best the BMW currently for sale. It is also one of the fastest.

2016 BMW 3 Series Engine

Mash the throttle and the turbo six car surges towards the horizon with incredible authority and it is as smooth as silk making. We speak smooth jet turbine. Up and down the amazing roads, which featured dramatic 1000 ft. elevation changes, the third report was more than enough for almost any situation. The new six-blown has enough torque to you punch out of turns, even at lower speed, and the third is large enough to get to the next without the need fourth and shoots and screams all the way there. The N55 engine will live as one of the greatest of all time BMW. This news could be even better. The gearbox is a gem; smooth shots were excellent and very tactile. The clutch travel was a bit long before the engagement, but overall the gearbox is a joy to use on canyon roads.

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